is drake bell related to taco bell (??)

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you know what people don’t talk about


human shrek

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It’s really shocking how many people don’t consider East Asians POC because their struggles are not very well documented and though most of them (including me) benefit from light skinned privilege, there’s this “model minority” myth and they base everything they know about East Asians on a tiny influx of upper middle class immigrants which is harmful as hell..plus the so called “positive stereotypes” aren’t beneficial to anyone to say all asians are intelligent really is not a compliment and to root that idea into young insecure asian children is really harmful and I know it was for me..plus I know it’s a topic I talk about all the time but the fetishization of asian women is truly shocking like esp of all those incidents where asian girls are kidnapped and brutally raped for hours because their rapist has an obsession with asian girls like…and then that doesn’t get ruled a hate crime and that’s really sad. I know asians who have anti black sentiments and that is truly horrifying and I apologize for that but honestly i feel as though a lot of asian countries have some pre existing anti blackness and that idea is amplified by western ideals combined with a need to be validated by the whites. Anyway I don’t know how to do a read more


eyebrow game strong? more like eyeBAG game strong. i’m fucking exhausted. haha lol

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